An Intimate Antique Wedding at The Selkirk Hotel

I know we will always remember decorating this wedding, and not only because it was our very first but because of how creative, genuine, and heartfelt the bride, Katherine, is.

One of our favourite elements of this wedding was something we didn’t have much to do with, but loved all the same, was Katherine’s memorial “suitcase” she had made up for her late father. Katherine had us put together a memorial table in honour of her father. The memorial table featured her fathers suitcase with his suit, pictures, and important articles from his life.

Memorial Table

The welcome table was dressed in an ivory duchess satin linen w/ a lace overlay. Flowers, the sign in book, and the birdcage card box framed a cork board collage of the bride and groom’s family photos.

Welcome Table

Welcome Table

Cork Board Collage

The guest tables were decorated with old fashioned lamps, brass tea pots, tea cups, roses, books, pearls, and various vintage glass pieces. Charcoal pintuck linens stood in as the neutral and ribbon added color to the chairs.

Guest Table


Tablescape Details


Upon the bride’s request we snuggled the wine table right up against the cupcake display. The cupcakes were displayed without distraction on our antique dresser with flowers to accent and fill the backdrop. There were so many different and delicious looking cupcakes that they held they’re own with needing too much presentation.


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