If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer, you can simply choose from our wide variety of original items and set them up yourself. You can take a peek at our collection and prices in our Rental Catalogue, HERE.


We have learned that the one of the best ways to bring the feel of your wedding to life is by adding a backdrop to your space. Whether it’s for your cake-table, ceremony, head table, or sweetheart table; one of our beautiful and innovative backdrops is sure to create atmosphere and stunning pictures. You can check out our backdrops and pricing HERE. If you can’t find what you are looking for we would love to create a custom backdrop for you.


This is for the folks who would rather not worry about their décor on those precious days leading up to their event.  If your budget allows, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is energy and time to spend on yourself and your loved ones on the weekend of your event. We offer full set-up, take-down, and delivery of linens, centerpieces, table settings etc. as needed. We can also just help out where you need us. Pricing is dependant on many things including; guest count, venue, and how much help you require. A free consultation meeting is required to determine price.


You can’t be the star of the show and be behind the scenes at the same time. We offer event planning to insure everything unfolds as it should. We can help you navigate your momentous event with our industry knowledge, experience, and creativity. Pricing is based on what elements of your wedding you want to collaborate with us on. A free consultation meeting is required to determine price.


We offer custom packages at discounted prices. You can mix and match our services to suit your needs. A free consultation meeting is required to determine price.





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