Colour Crossroads

One of the most major (and maybe difficult) decor decisions you will make for your wedding is which colours you are going to use to set the mood. The kind of mood you’d like for your big day is exactly what you should keep in mind while deciding which colours you are going to use.

Start surfing  Pinterest, Style Me pretty, Wedding Gawker, and other sites for inspiration and take notice of what types of weddings draw your attention; romantic, rustic, funky, woodsy, casual, fun, dramatic, luxurious, minimalistic, modern – just to name a few. And remember any of these can be joined together, for example you could have a dramatic woodsy wedding or funky modern wedding. See what jumps out at you.

Although there are never any rules about what colours to use for which type of wedding you want, it definitely helps with the decision making to see which colours best compliment certain moods.

One of my favourite sites for colour inspiration is The Perfect Palette. You can search by color or just browse. Here are a few of our favourites.

This is a beautiful example of elegance and simplicity. It is perfectly acceptable to pick only one colour to be complimented by white. Texture can be used to create more interest if it’s required (like on the cake).

This one is VERY romantic and soft. We actually have a bride, Katie, getting married in August who has colors similar to this. Her wedding is going to be rustic with birch accents but quite soft, thanks to the peaches and muted mintcolor palette she chose. Stay tuned for pictures!

Rich colours like teal create a more dramatic look. If using a rich colour scares you, try pairing it with a softer version of itself like aqua, used above, or a soft neutral like the biege also used here.

Using different shades of the same colour, called a monochromatic palette, can be an easy way to use a bolder colour by itself while still creating interest.

See how this yellow and peach combination automatically makes you think of warm and lazy summer days?

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